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Cooking for Life™

The School

The first identifiable meal cooked on a fire spit in what is now Israel dates back 780,000 years. 

What is different for a cook, one who prepares the meal, today versus a cook cooking for a tribe, family, group three quarters of a million years ago.
Not Much.
We still need ingredients, tools and techniques to prepare our meals. At the Cooking for Life School we explore, embrace and master the ingredients, the tools  and the techniques needed so you can be the creative cook in your world.

How and where we get our ingredients as well as the tools and techniques used to  are different. the dishes we make vary, but what we need to sustain a healthy life is very similar.

 We have been gathering and shopping for ingredients,
using tools and techniques, and presenting
dishes to our close ones for nearly 1 million years.
Whether we make it survival, pleasure, social events, school lunches or all of the above, 

It’s Cooking for Life.

Cooking for Life™


Our courses are made up of five core areas of preparing and cooking that guide you to be being the creative and masterful cook with and without recipes. We include bonus information about ingredients, tools, techniques, plating & serving. Visiting creatives, like farmers, home gardeners, athletes and cooks from world cuisines make appearances to inspire and educate us.

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In the core ingredients, we explore flavor, texture, substitutions, sourcing and seasonal considerations of the ingredients to enable you to make the foods with the flair you love.


Which tool should I use? There are so many tools are available these days, but which are best for you and how you want to enjoy preparing food.

Techniques & Tips

Techniques are the backbone to preparing dishes. Learning just a few techniques like braising and sautéing enable us to prepare a plethora of dishes with different ingredients and flavor bases.

The Dish

The dish is the result of all our choices in ingredients, techniques and presentation. Appetizers, sandwiches, salads, soups, main dishes and deserts.


Presentation is how the food we create is delivered. It can be organized in a lunch bag, made for a picnic or plated with thoughtful garnishes!

Visiting Creative

Visiting creatives from many walks of life will make appearances to share their artistry, skill sets and viewpoints! Farmers, athletes, home-cooks and so much more.

The Cooking Space

Exploring the space we have to create the foods we love. Not all kitchens are created equal, but we can make the best of even the smallest or even a camping setting to improve our experience.

Cooking for Life™

The Creative Improvisational Cook

Becoming a creative improvisational cook comes with understanding the ingredients, tools, techniques which gives us the freedom to cook with joy.

Cooking for Life™

What's Up

Blanching for Color and Flavor

Knife and Board

What’s fresh now

Flavor versus Fat
Do you need oil?

Cooking for Life™


Cooking for Life
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